Updated Guidelines for In-Person Worship

Updated June 24, 2021

Given the increasing number of members and friends who are fully vaccinated, Barrington Presbyterian Church can now welcome more people to in-person worship. With the newest loosening of restrictions in Rhode Island for indoor population numbers, the church can comfortably and safely welcome up to 50 people into the sanctuary for Sunday Morning Worship.

For this to be accomplished the following practices will be enacted and/or will continue:

  • Fully vaccinated persons are no longer required to wear masks indoors during in-person activities at the church. Those not vaccinated and/or not fully vaccinated are encouraged to continue wearing masks until they become fully vaccinated.
  • Physical distancing is still encouraged but not required for unrelated persons.
  • The pews in front of the pulpit will continue to be closed to any seating.
  • The patio doors in the Narthex and Hallway will continue to be opened on Sundays to increase the airflow throughout the building.
  • The Offering Plate and Bulletins will be available on the credenza in the Narthex for self-service each Sunday.
  • Communion elements on Communion Sundays will be prepackaged and available for pickup before the start of worship in the Narthex.
  • Cameras, video screens and speakers will continue to be in place so that those in worship and can see, hear and communicate with those attending online
  • In-person coffee fellowship time following the worship service will not be held.
  • All wishing to attend in-person will continue to be expected to monitor their own health and appropriately choose whether it is safe for you and others to attend in-person on any given Sunday.

We remain fully committed to the process of resuming all in-person activities by September 1, 2021.